The Tango

One of the non-European ballroom dances, the Tango originated in South America. This sultry Latino dance was born in the port cities between Argentina and Uruguay, and it was actually a dance that combined the music of two cultures. It was a popular form of entertainment in areas where the poorest of European settlers were able to mix with the local slaves and peons of the wealthy, and many of those who practiced it lived in port cities along the Plate River. Their dance style eventually found its way across the world, and the Tango has become a popular dance in many countries.

A far cry from the ritualized formality of the European waltzes, this dance is an expression of romance and physical attraction. It is performed by couples, and their goal is to express their longing for each other within the style of the dance. Considered risqué when it was first performed, it has gained a large audience in modern dance competitions.